Sunday, April 5, 2015

New review of my short story "The Last"

There is a new review on Smashwords about my short story "The Last".

"Let me start by saying I hate fantasy. I know it is extremely popular, but I hate it nonetheless. And I am not particularly fond of short stories, either. In spite of all that, I enjoyed Joel Puga's mini profile of Ekkhard, a vampire facing his end. Particularly interesting was how he characterized the discontent Ekkhard feels after centuries of life - searching after (meaning? happiness? a reason for existence?) - whatever vampires seek after. I liked the idea of his participating in every major war - and still not finding satisfaction. Yet at the end he was determined to fight on - although I'm not sure why.

Puga managed to pack a lot of thoughts and concepts in a very short story. Well done - in spite of my preferences. I will look for more of his work. DonB" in Smashwords

You can find "The Last" on Kobo and serveral others online stores.

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