Sunday, January 7, 2018

New novel "The Godungava" now available for pre-order (at one third of final retail price)

My new epic fantasy novel "The Godungava" is now available for pre-order on Amazon at one third of the final price. I will keep this discount during all of the pre-order period, so go and take advantage of it.

"During the day, Seidus is just a simple blacksmith. At night, nevertheless, he becomes the hero of a world that exists only inside his head. However, few ideas come to the isolated village where he lives and, over the years, his inner world has become repetitive and boring. Accompanied by Iriáris, a childhood friend, he leaves in search of new ideas, but they quickly become involved in a dangerous quest for an ancestral artifact that can save their nation from the invasion of a powerful enemy: the Godungava.

As they follow the clues leading to the artifact, Seidus, Iriáris and their new companions are forced to visit the most dangerous places in the Theocracy of Charglassume and encounter kappas, veloryans, hydras, the undead, and even dragons, while attempting to prevent their rivals from reaching their goal before them. Filled with adventure, fantastic locations and creatures, magic and battles, this is an ideal book for any lover of epic fantasy and sword and sorcery."

You can find it on the following retailers:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia
Amazon India


Text - Joel Puga
Formatting - Joel Puga
Cover - Teamofdesigners
Editing and Proofreading (Portuguese edition) - lucasweb
Editing and Proofreading (English edition) - Readwritesell