Monday, July 11, 2022

Fourth issue of my magazine "The Journeys of the Sorcerer" now available


The fourth issue of my magazine "The Journeys of the Sorcerer" is now available on all main retailers in ebook and paperback.

"Get ready to once again travel to worlds full of magic, monsters, and spaceships, among many other things, in this fourth issue of “The Journeys of the Sorcerer.”

Cynric Sigar: Death in the Mountains – Cynric Sigar, the famous half-elf detective, and his team are sent to the village of Lergor to investigate a strange murder. Other deaths follow, each one making the case even more bizarre. Will the great detective find the killer, or will this be his first major defeat?

Space Archeology – After countless years adrift in space, the Seth VI probe encounters something worth investigating. Who knows what it will find?

Deadly Mists or the Mysterious Man (Part 1 of 2) – After watching the Miracle of the Sun, in Cova da Iria, Prof. Amílcar Travassos suffers from a crisis of faith in Science. Disillusioned, he retires in solitude to Gerês, where he spends his days studying the local fauna and flora. However, a bizarre and lethal event leads the authorities to seek his help, forcing him to face his fears and doubts.

The Knight's Choice (Chapters 10, 11, 12, and 13) – Loran is forced to collaborate with the extremely zealous Eamund, the demon hunters’ grandmaster. With each passing day, the royal knight sees more and more atrocities being committed against the people of Veltraik in the name of the Angels' Law. Will his loyalty to the king and his dreams of becoming one of the greatest heroes in the kingdom's history be enough for him to stay faithful to his duty?"

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Text - Joel Puga
Formatting - Joel Puga
Translation - Joel Puga
Cover - oliviaprodesign
Editing and Proofreading (Portuguese edition) - avidadogato
Editing and Proofreading (English edition) - proofread_book