Sunday, May 19, 2024

Fifth issue of my magazine "The Journeys of the Sorcerer" now available


The fifth issue of my magazine "The Journeys of the Sorcerer" is now available on all main retailers in ebook and paperback.

"In this fifth issue of the single-author magazine “The Journeys of the Sorcerer,” you will find stories that will take you to several fantastic worlds. If you enjoy fantasy and science fiction, these pages are for you.

The Battle of Terpolimas – In the serialized novel “The Knight's Choice” we follow the deeds of a royal knight, Loran, during a critical period in the kingdom of Veltraik’s history. However, not all important events occur around him. This tale tells of the efforts of Baron Lione and his men as they try to prevent an army of the reptilian Artemisian Empire from crossing the Terpolimas pass and entering the human kingdom.

The Ruins and the Lost Warrior – After a defeat in battle, a warrior finds himself separated from his comrades. Lost in unknown lands, he takes refuge in some strange ruins. What he finds inside, however, is beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

Deadly Mists or the Mysterious Man (Part 2 of 2) – In the conclusion of this novelette, Professor Amílcar Travassos finally finds answers to the strange events in Gerês. These, nevertheless, bring revelations that will change his life forever.

The Knight's Choice (Chapters 14 and 15) – Loran continues his search for a way to solve the problems of the Kingdom of Veltraik, while staying true to his morals and values.. But will he find perfect solutions, or will he have to come to a compromise with himself?"

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Text - Joel Puga
Formatting - Joel Puga
Translation - Joel Puga
Cover - oliviaprodesign
Editing and Proofreading (Portuguese edition) - danielaferna656
Editing and Proofreading (English edition) - beeson02